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5.11 Tactical Has Super Rechargable Flashlight for Hunters

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This super bright recharchable flashlight from 5.11 Tactical puts out a white light that is excellent for following blood trails.


 As a hunter, broadcaster, outdoor guy, blogger, videographer and writer one of the fun things that I do is to attend the annual Shot Show. I did a radio broadcast from last year’s show and covered as many of the thousands of exhibitors as I could who offered potentially useful products for an outdoor-oriented audience that might include hunters, fisherman and others who really love their guns, gear, knives, bows, crossbows and related stuffs.

  I look for innovation, and most especially for those products that are not only new, but are also useful. I was attracted to 5.11 Tactical Products by their rechargeable LED flashlight. These were very bright, white lights that I thought would be outstanding for tracking blood trails. I have owned flashlights by the bucketfuls, but these impressed me for their quality, the pure white spectrum of the light and rechargability.

  Looking around they also had some good quality liner-locked folding knives that could serve hunters very well as well as packs, clothing and law-enforcement-related gear. I am a very hard sell so far as clothing goes. Much of what I use is patched up and may be decades old. I did appreciate the design, use of rip-stop fabrics and even found a dark green forest color that I thought I could wear when I hunted. I was impressed enough to feature them on  my 2011 broadcast on “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures,” and to form an affiliate relationship with them to help promote what I think is an excellent line of  products.

A link to their web page and some of their recent promotional materials appears below.

Shop Top Law Enforcement Gear from 5.11!

Some of their recent promotions follow. These are worth checking out.

Free Shipping on All Orders of Only $75 or More!

Free 5.11 Collectors Knife with any Purchase of $75 or More -Use Code 2011KNIFE at Checkout (limit 1 per order, while supplies last)

American Flag Patch w/Orders of $50 or More with Code FREEFLAG (Limit 1 per order, while supplies last.)


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August 17, 2011 at 7:19 am

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Firearms Guide Best Ever Reference for the Gun Nut

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This new Firearms Guide is easy to use source for complete gun information largely gathered from factory catalogues.

  As a writer who has been producing materials for gun publications since the 1970s, I have often needed gun schematics and other details on firearms. This has resulted in my accumulating a library full of  books, catalogues and magazines. The new Firearms Guide   from Impressum Media, Inc., contains a DVD with an enormous amount of easily accessible information that is largely catalogue-derived,  which has some immediate advantages.

  This was illustrated when I needed to order a gun part.  I have been shooting a 7-part video series on  percussion revolvers while developing  effective deer and hog hunting loads with black-powder substitute powders and bullets. One of the guns I shot was the somewhat uncommon Ruger Old Army, which had to be detailed stripped and cleaned after each shooting event.  On one occasion, the mainspring stop went “sprong” and bounced off somewhere not to be seen to this day. (To see the revolver series you can start with Part 1 at .)

  I decided that this would be a practical test of the Firearms Guide,  and I requested a review copy from Company President Chris Mijic.  It arrived, and,  sure enough, a schematic for Ruger’s Old Army was there, even though this model has been discontinued. I was able to obtain the factory part number, order a replacement and get the gun back up and shooting. Schematics are not present for every gun, but over 1,500 are included.  

   Looking through the DVD, I was impressed with the high quality of the illustrations, the amount of information contained about the firearms and the fact that sporting and military rifles, shotguns and pistols were listed – even my favorite muzzleloading replicas. Those who are shopping for firearms will also be gratified to see that prices are included.

Even replica black powder guns like this Colt revolver are included in the guide.

  This is a typical image and description of the guns shown in the DVD. Images may be enlarged on the computer screen to allow the information to be easily read.
 Because most of these are catalogue  images they are of outstanding quality. Even browsing through the Firearms Guide will give any “Gun Nut” hours of satisfaction. To get even more information about the guide and place an order order click on the following image:
 I could not resist giving you one more beautiful photo from the guide. 

Guns in the Guide are in all price ranges up to $1,000,000. While not quite that high-priced, you may be assured that this one is out of the reach of the average sportsman.


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August 17, 2011 at 6:59 am

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